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Big Day

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Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Guymon!
Thank you for letting Aspetto suit you up for your big day!

Double Breasted Are Back!

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On Valentines Day, Ronnie Omari is rocking his beautifully hand-crafted double breasted Aspetto signature suit. He has been getting a lot of compliments on it, "Breaking necks left and right."

Westen O'Brien and His Beautiful Bride

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A beautiful Bride and her handsome Groom! It was an honor to be apart of your special day and we wish nothing but the best! P.S. We tried to make you look as magnificent as your bride but even with our expertise there was no hope Westen O'Brien. Photography By Micah Chiang

Oday Aboushi of the New York Jets

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Oday Aboushi of the New York Jets looking great in his Aspetto while meeting with Michael Moore.

Meeting with General James Amos, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps

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Meeting with General James Amos, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps in his Pentagon office.
Alex Olah is wearing a custom tailored two piece black suit.

Ricky Lewis

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This text was copied from The Dandy Project

Ricky Lewis is a musician and an actor, and lives in Bushwick. He grew up in Westbrook, Connecticut, a very small town that would triple in population during the summer, where he went to public school as one of just 54 students in his grade. Ricky moved to New York City at 19 and studied acting at William Esper Studio, where Mary-Kate Olsen had previously gone. He seems to be more focused on his music now, of which he says, “The songs are extensions of me, like my deranged little children.” People, film, collaboration, poetry, and his dog Agnes inspire him. The romance of his music resonates in his style, and the more I see what he wears, the more I see the actor in him, embodying different personas with different looks—the mark of a bona fide dandy.

Facebook's Holiday Party

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Josh Brown is wearing a plain black Aspetto custom suit with platinum button holes at the Facebook holiday party.

Off the cuff - Chris Hogan's review

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When we first wrote on our plan to review a custom made-to-measure suit from the Fredricksburg, Virgina-based company Aspetto, we mentioned that founder Abbas Haider first entered the clothing game making bulletproof suits for high-profile clients around the world. How, we wondered, would that impressive feat translate into a more traditional garment for less dangerous endeavors?

As it turns out, quite well. Our Aspetto suit arrived needing some minor tweaking to address the jacket’s fit through the chest; a reasonable and not unexpected issue. With a single fitting and remote manufacture, the need for some final tailoring should be always expected. Indeed, at the other end of the spectrum, with bespoke tailoring anywhere from three to six detailed fittings are common throughout the process. At each fitting, the garment is adjusted and refined so that by the time of delivery it is literally a perfect fit.

Once the last bit of tailoring was finalized, the the Aspetto suit’s fit was excellent – in fact much better than expected. The shoulders and chest are spot-on and the sleeve length is just what we wanted for exposing a liberal amount of cuff. The suit’s overall proportion and balance look and feel right.

As a three-piece suit, we are pleased to have a vest that both fits very well and also possesses a self-fabric back. This is an unusual feature proved the garment with a stand-alone quality that can be used on its own, apart from the suit.

Overall, OTC’s Aspetto suit is not only well-made and great fitting, it has also been the recipient of many compliments and queries as to the maker. Aspetto is a brand to watch, and a suit to wear.

In fact, if you are in Fredricksburg, Virgina, on June 15th, you can find out for yourself. Aspetto is celebrating the grand opening of its flagship store. Stop in if you can.

Coins for Anything rocking the Aspetto tuxedo

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Jeff Morin receiving Coins For Anything's 4th consecutive Inc. 5000 award in Phoenix AZ. Inc. Magazines list of the 5000 fastest growing privately held companies in America! He is rocking the Aspetto tuxedo with platinum lapels, button holes, and pocket edges.

Senator Bryce Reeves

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State Senator Bryce Reeves proudly wearing his Aspetto suit at the Virginia Chamber awards.