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Company Overview

Aspetto’s start began in 2008 with the simple intent of providing a high-end product with an affordable price. However, having a simple goal did not mean having an easy goal. Despite the difficulties encountered along the way, it always remained important to hold true to the original vision, and we have done exactly that. Those who work for Aspetto have sacrificed much in order to continuously bring our customers the service and quality they deserve.

Abbas Haider, CEO & President, has been working in the formal wear industry since he was 16 years old. It was then that he gained the interest and experience that would ultimately lead to the formation of Aspetto. He did not want to reinvent the suit, but he wished to find a way to cut down the cost while still retaining the aspects comparable to top designer merchandise.

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Abbas Haider, CEO & President of Aspetto, has immersed himself in the world of men’s formal wear for the past eight years. In 2008, while attending college full-time, he decided to delve into custom tailoring, and singlehandedly created Aspetto. Abbas made the company with the vision of providing designer suits fitted perfectly to each individual, but at an affordable price. Abbas’ immense knowledge of business and fashion, coupled with his passion for exceptional customer service, allowed him to successfully promote and run Aspetto on his own for nearly all four years of the company’s existence.

Today Abbas has acquired a supportive team to help run Aspetto, including his new Vice President, Robert Davis. More focused and involved than ever before, Abbas is pushing Aspetto to an even brighter future. “From small beginnings come great things.”

With a strong entrepreneurial sense and acute intellect of fashion, Robert Davis handles all day-to-day operations as Vice President of Aspetto, Inc. Having always been interested in the sale and style of custom tailored suits; Robert decided to join Aspetto, as a Sales Executive while a full-time student. After proving his worth through his sale proficiency and diligence, Robert moved up the ranks and is also part owner of the company. Alongside his colleague Abbas, Robert Davis intends to recreate the “Men’s Suit World” with service, quality, and value; the way Aspetto has been conducting business for years. “The future is always decided by those who put their imagination to work, who challenge the unknown, and who are not afraid to risk failure.” -General Bernard A. Schriever

We know creating the perfect suit isn't easy, but at Aspetto we'll make you think it is. Our team of design consultants are available to ensure what you want is exactly what you get. Every step of the way our experts are ready to answer your questions, as well as assist with tasks such as fabric selection and tailoring recommendations. Working so closely with each customer enables every look to have a highly personalized quality. Our team is ready to help you put together a look you'll be proud of. Schedule an appointment today, and let us show what we can do for you.

In 2012, designer, Shannon Thorpe, joined Aspetto, Inc. She comes with a background in men’s fashion, majoring in Fashion Design at Mount Ida College. While there she made Dean’s List, graduated Cum Laude, and received numerous awards, including Highest Achievement for a Design Sophomore. Since graduating, her work has been shown in various fashion shows in New York, New York and Boston, Massachusetts. Before coming to Aspetto, Shannon also contributed to The Spaghetti Project, and worked as the assistant designer at LoK Custom Fashions. With her strong design background and superb tailoring skills, Shannon has proven to be an invaluable member of the Aspetto, Inc team.

People often ask how our prices can be so low, yet we promise such high quality. These are the reasons why:

We understand that the majority of the men lead busy lives, and it is not often preferred to spend spare time shopping for clothes. During the beginnings of Aspetto it was decided that we would travel to each client, which provided personal service while also cutting costs we would have spent on a store front. Without the need to compensate for expensive rent charges, we were able to pass those savings to our clients by keeping prices low.

Another reason would be the fact that most retailers have to carry inventory, but we don’t. We carry only the fabrics. We also have in-house tailoring, which means we are not paying an outside source for alterations, and that results in a better price for our customers.

The tailors we employ here, as well as those we work with overseas, are paid fair wages. Aspetto’s plan to bring manufacturing jobs back to America is in full progress. We have cut down our profits and work extended hours to buy the machinery that allows for local production. Today, Aspetto generates most of its products in Fredericksburg, VA in a 3000 square foot facility.

Unlike many online stores where the owners of the company are sitting in China, India, or South Korea, all members of the Aspetto team operate right in Virginia. This is a constant push for us to achieve a higher standard than our competitors. When you purchase an Aspetto product, you are supporting American jobs, as well as ensuring you always look your best when you put on that suit.