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What started as American Armor Attire in 2012 is now called Aspetto Armor. With only a name change there is one thing for certain that remains the same; this business is serious about your safety. Aspetto develops the most striking “bulletproof” clothing within the United States. As manufacturers of custom bullet-resistant garments they are second to none. Aspetto Armor often safeguards government officials, private securities, and business executives who desire custom protective wear. Each project is independently analyzed and then developed to best defend the individual. Your life is valuable; don't risk it by choosing a sub-standard protective garment. Aspetto Armor ballistics are both made and integrated in Fredericksburg, Virginia with NIJ Certified panels. As America's first high-end bullet- resistant clothing line, Aspetto has no limitations.

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At Aspetto your design is a one of a kind bullet-resistant product. With no minimum order each project has requirement specifications that are integrated into your garment. In your free consultation you will be able to discuss with our design team your custom item protection specifications.

Aspetto Armor manufactures garments with various levels of protection, each made to order as per individual needs. All customized garments ensure protection from the highest of threats. The products are NIJ 04 and NIJ 06 approved and tested by a third party. We commonly utilize NIJ Level IIIA soft armor within the garments that is backed by a5-year ballistic manufacturer warranty. The material used in the garments is extremely thin. Kevlar XP at a width of 0.32" or 0.26" thin Twaron fabric is used for the clothing to ensure mobility along with maximum protection. The hard armor utilized is made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene inside core and aCordura nylon cover on the outside.

Defender Series:

NIJ Standard 0101.06
Certification Number 3BFA
Ballistic Fabrics: Twaron
Weight: 1.23 PSF
Thinness: 0.26"
Certification Sizes: C1-C5
V50 .357 SIG: 1758 FPS
V50 .44 MAG: 1574 FPS
2 Gr. Frag: 3076 FPS
4 Gr. Frag 2705 FPS
16 Gr. Frag: 2237 FPS
64 Gr. Frag: 1658 FPS
Ballistic Panel Warranty: 5 Years
Operator Series:

NIJ Standard: 0101.06
Certification Number: 3XA
Ballistic Fabrics: Kevlar XP
Weight: 1.12 PSF
Thinnes: 0.32"
Certification Sizes: C1-C5
V50 .357 SIG: 1775 FPS
V50 .44 MAG: 1646 FPS
2 Gr. Frag: 2908 FPS
4 Gr. Frag: 2401 FPS
16 Gr. Frag: 2072
64 Gr. Frag: 1599 FPS
Ballistic Panel Warranty: 5 Years
Hard Armor:

Various Hard Armor Available.

Aspetto is a leading name in protective clothing and offers wholesale prices to our distributors. If you feel that your region is in need of our armor and you would like to join our distributor network, Aspetto welcomes your proposal. Please, contact us with the following information included in your email.

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